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Yachting 2024: New ICONIC Yacht for Amacio Ortega and Family ! 72m long, 564m2 - 3 floors, helipad, jardin, Pool, 9 suites, ' best terrace on the sea' - -state-of-the-art -

Published by Feadship com Team in TOP yachting, cruises, blue economy · 29/3/2024 15:02:23
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Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex business -  most successful and richest man in Spain according to Forbes, managed to sell his  Superyacht Drizzle for 76 mio€  and has added recently a new much  bigger Superyacht, 564m2, 72 m long, costs 182 mio€ - to its collection with the acquisition of Project 2024, designed by the Royaldutch Feadship firm in collaboration with Nauta Design.

In just a few months, summer 2024, it is expected that Amancio Ortega and his family and friends will be able to sail the seas aboard his new maritime ship, which has a total of 564 m2 and 72 meters in length.
As defined on their website, it is a model designed together with Nata Design, and it is “a response to these clear market requests.”

On the other hand, the maritime firm defines its new superyacht as a “state-of-the-art profile”, which stands out for the “balance between function and style”.

Every new Feadship is an innovation in itself, as they constantly strive to redefine the perception of perfection and make every Feadship better than the last in terms of construction and technology. Incorporating space-age technologies and materials, hyper-modern design tools, and the very latest insights into construction and systems, Feadships are the product of an evolutionary R&D and overall quality enhancement philosophy that results in yachts which cannot be imitated by anyone else.

The next generation of superyachts
Feadship Unveils some of her exploring designs and future concepts - all technologically feasible - to inspire the next generation of owners – and those people who had never even considered owning a superyacht.

The Project 24  offers three decks and 564 square meters, an 80% increase in platform surface area, and includes a 3.3-meter pool, seating areas and “steps worthy of the best terrace on the sea.” .

The yacht is divided into three decks and has a master suite and nine cabins equipped with all kinds of luxury accessories. In addition, It has a helipad, a playground and a jacuzzi– which is accessed from the same suite – in addition to the already mentioned pool of just over 3 meters.

Info: Royal Dutch Feadship
Fotos: Feadship, all rights reserved

Blue Economy: F1 on Water 1. ever E 1 World Championship 2024: race#1 E1 Saudi Arabian Jeddah GP: LIVE Stream | 2.-3. February 2024; Saudi Arabia sponsored

Published by UIM com team + Naanii Global com team in TOP yachting, cruises, blue economy · 3/2/2024 17:00:02
Tags: BlueEconomy;Blueevents;Worldchampionship;E1electricpowerboatsWorldchampionship;UIM;RafaNadalTennis;MarcAnthonyMusicProduction;RodiBassoCEOE1;

Yachting: Le Monaco Yacht Show - sa 32ème édition - se tiendra du 27 au 30 septembre 2023 !

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + MYS com Team in TOP yachting, cruises, blue economy · 3/7/2023 15:52:08
Tags: Superyachts;MonacoYachtShow2023;plusgrandedumonde;27.30.Septembre2023;MYS;BlueEconomy;Innovation;Solutions;

Blue Economy: Le Monaco Yacht Show 2023 dévoile son plan de neutralité carbone : Des efforts collaboratifs pour un événement Yachting durable

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + MYS com Team in TOP yachting, cruises, blue economy · 23/6/2023 15:33:34
Tags: Monaco;BlueEconomy;MonacoYachtShow2023;neutralitécarbone

Cruises - Blue Economy: Cunard’s Queen Anne launched at Fincantieri ¡! The new ship ¨Queen Anne¨ will join the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + ship offshore com team in TOP yachting, cruises, blue economy · 7/6/2023 18:50:38
Tags: CunardQueenAnnelaunched;BlueEconomy;NGcruzeMagazine;
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